Call for proposals - Delivering on skills for growth and jobs - PROGRESS

The objective of the Call is to is to encourage new forms of collaboration through partnerships between public and private actors on the labour market (such as public and private employment services, companies including SME’s, chambers of commerce, training and education providers, social partners, labour market intelligence entities) to address persistent skills shortages and mismatches to help fill the gap between labour supply and demand in the EU.

The activities should aim to achieve the following:

Delivery to the end users of specific employment service(s) leading to sustainable placements in jobs and apprenticeships or other measureable outcomes by a mixed set of actors, including measures to support labour mobility at national and European level.

Provision of analytical and methodological evidence based findings related to the form and working method of the partnership between the co-operating organisations experienced during the development and implementation of the actions, including an assessment of success and failure factors, challenges and solutions for shortcomings.

Development of concrete labour market intelligence tools, allowing for the identification of skills gaps and needs resulting from structural shifts to a low carbon economy, as well as their impact on changing skills sets.

The deadline is Jan 15th 2014

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Call for tenders - Study on the changing pedagogical landscape: new ways of teaching and learning and their implications for higher education policy

The overall objective of this study is to examine to what extent government strategies and higher education regulatory and accreditation, funding, quality assurance, assessment and certification frameworks support or hinder new modes of learning, and in particular increased use of technology in the teaching and learning process. The research should further formulate conclusions and recommendations on how these systems — the framework conditions for higher education — can best be tailored to support new modes of teaching and learning.

The deadline is Oct 22nd 2013.

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Call for proposals – Pilot project – Funding for victims of turture – 2013

The main objective of this Pilot Project is to create a new line of funding for the final benefit of victims of torture (EU or non-EU citizens) present in the Union. The aim is to create rehabilitation centres for victims, to support existing rehabilitation centres by providing operational funding, to provide access to multidisciplinary support and counseling, legal services, to support international networking between rehabilitation centres, activities which aim to empower torture victims, to support the ability of victims to integrate into society in European countries, etc...

The deadline for presentation of proposals is Oct 22nd 2013.

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Call for proposals – Pilot project - Analysis of reception, protection and integration policies for unaccompanied minors in the EU

The Commission's Action Plan on Unaccompanied Minors puts forward a common EU-wide approach based on the principle of the best interests of the child. The Action Plan identifies main strands for action such as prevention, reception and identification of durable solutions. The main objective of this Pilot Project is to identify good practices on prevention, reception, protection and integration policies for unaccompanied minors.

The deadline for presentation of proposals is Oct 24th 2013.

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Call for proposals – EU – Russia Civil Society Forum

The global objective is to maintain regular and systematic contacts between civil society and civil society organisations (CSOs) in Russia with counterparts in the EU in the framework of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. The Forum should continue giving European and Russian civil society actors a platform from which to voice their position on topics of common interest. The specific objectives are to contribute to the continued functioning of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum on the basis of a bottom up approach that is based on independent civil society organisations and to maintain and increase exchange of information and policy dialogue between EU and Russian CSOs related to topics of common interest (e.g. human rights including promotion of rights of the child, social inclusion, promotion of the rule of law, strengthening the legal environment, inter-ethnic tolerance, environmental protection and other relevant topics). The deadline for presentation of proposals is Nov 28th 2013.

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