Inštitut za evropske raziskave in razvoj - Institute for European Research and Development

Empowering Women Rough Sleepers to Protect Themselves from Violence on the Streets

The project focuses on empowering Women Rough Sleepers (WRS) to protect themselves from violence living on the streets (eg, rape, sexual abuse/exploitation, etc) and create an innovative supportive protective environment that meets the needs of WRS and support them back into mainstream society and away from violence.

This project focuses on a number of specific issues that have been highlighted by the initial DAPHNE III research project into Women Rough Sleepers (WRS).

This project has indicated, inter alia, that a number of issues relating to WRS and their vulnerability to violence on the streets are in need of further research to look at wider issues (eg. different forms of violence, mental health issues, drugs, etc) in order to better empower WRS and assist in bringing them into mainstream society.

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