Inštitut za evropske raziskave in razvoj - Institute for European Research and Development


Sabina Žakelj

Mag. Sabina Žakelj has extensive experience in project management, financing, as well as marketing and media. As the Head of MEDIA Desk Slovenia – the information office of the MEDIA programme of the European Commission for Slovenia (2006-2011) she was an advisor in the field of calls for applications and managed approximately twelve promotional projects each year. Before that she worked on the TV Parental Guidance at the Slovenian Broadcasting Council (2003) and as Head of Monitoring Group on Advertising at the Media Forum (2001-2004).

She acquired experience in financing in the bookkeeping office SKRB (1991-2002) and at the SAS Institute (2002-2003). In marketing she worked at the Isola Cinema international film festival (2004, 2005), and at the Slovenian Film Festival (2005). She also worked as a journalist at the Radio Odmev radio station (1997-1999) and at the Slovenian largest daily newspaper Delo (2004-2006). She has a Master of Science in the field of communicology at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Suzana Krmelj

Suzana Krmelj, has developed professional skills and competences in administration and marketing during cooperation in EU projects. As a developer, researcher and administrator, she`s been involved in Lifelong learning projects BRIDGE and UNIKOM and Cross border programe SI-AT project Promt-ICT.

She graduated in 2000, at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, majoring in Human Resource Management. She works in administration since 2005. She also gained professional experience in the field of web communication and online social networks, where she works as an editor of several online profiles and newsletter.

Eva Srdoč

Eva Srdoč developed human resource management skills during her work as a journalist, screenwriter and director of TV program on public television Radiotelevizija Slovenia. From 2012 she worked on EU projects within the current team, where she specialised in quality assurance and sustainability of projects.

She holds university degree in cultural studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences Ljubljana and conducting her PhD research at the postgraduate program Comparative Studies of Ideas and Cultures at the University of Nova Gorica.

Urban Boljka

Urban Boljka, PhD has gained most of his work experiences as a researcher at Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (2008-2012) and at EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy (2007-2008). His work and research interests include indicators in the fields related to youth, youth policies, poverty and universal basic income, managing EU projects, qualitative and quantitative social research, publishing reports and articles on education, employment, quality of life of youth, old people, disabled, evaluations of social protection programmes, national and international strategic documents etc. From 2013 to 2014 he has worked as an analyst and communication officer at Slovenian Federation of Pensioners' Organizations.

After finishing his master studies in European social policy analysis (MESPA) and his doctoral studies of sociology he has obtained a PhD title with the defence of the thesis Universal Basic Income: The Limits and Possibilities of Its Implementation.

Sandra Martič

Sandra Martič has experience in preparing EU and National legislation, public relations and diplomacy. She has developed organisational skills and knowledge of EU policies during her work as a political advisor in political group in the European Parliament where she specialized in organising conferences on international level. She also participated in special working groups for preparing legislation acts within the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

She graduated at the Faculty of Social Science Ljubljana, majoring European Studies. She is writing her master degree in International Economy at the Faculty of Economics Maribor.

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