Inštitut za evropske raziskave in razvoj - Institute for European Research and Development

The Institute

Members of the institute participate in EUROPEAN PROJECTS in the fields of social inclusion, gender equality, non-discrimination, universal human rights and the rights of children. Particular emphasis is placed on the protection of children, young people and women against all forms of violence and achievement of a high level health protection, well-being and social cohesion. We strive to empower individuals, organizations and governments for effective changes of the existing system, guide stakeholders towards peaceful solutions, ensuring dignity for all people, especially for children, youth and women.

Our team of experts participate in European projects within RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, focusing on the interdisciplinary research activities in various fields of social inclusion and social protection and the development of e-learning tools, in PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND QUALITY ASSURANCE with gained expertise in more than 25 European and national projects and in DISSEMINATION with a comprehensive targeted public awareness-raising actions, active dissemination of project results and creation of promotional and educational materials.

We strive to participate in projects built on a BROAD PARTNERSHIP NETWORK with organizations from all EU Member States and beyond, offering a true European dimension and relevance. By entering long-term cooperation partnerships we try to encourage our partners, Slovenian non-profit organizations, to be actively involved in European social environment.

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